5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Our latest #TCBurgerNight was slightly different from all of our other nights. This time, it was not only dinner and drinks, it was dinner, drinks and a show.

@phatphood broke this burger last year and recently hooked @shawnsrodgers & myself up with tickets to the Jazz band, the Yellow Jackets, at @dakotampls. Ultimately, the burger brought us here, but there is a backstory. Chef Remy, @remypettus took over head Chef duties at Dakota last year. You may know him previously from Bardo. He had us in for a TCBurgerNight back in 2018 and now he’s back on the scene and we are back on his scene.

I’ve posted about a couple of Chef Remy’s previous single patty burger creations back in 2018 and now I want to tell you about his latest Burger creation. Getting the food out quicker before the show starts is critical. This is partly the reason Chef smashes a couple of 2oz. American Wagyu patties. Seasoned well, charred nicely and juicy these are. You can add another patty if you like. I like. That’s a really nice beef to bun ratio. White American cheese is melted beautifully and is plentiful. House pickles line the bottom bun. A lip smacking sauce called comeback sauce, with a little kick of habanero, get swiped on both buns. The bun is soft, airy and toasted nicely.

You can add a couple slices of delicious tasso bacon or you can add pimento cheese to your burger. When you add either the bacon or the pimento cheese, it’s almost like a totally different burger. It definitely changes the flavor profile. I recommend, getting the burger straight up, on your next visit, add bacon, and then on your 3rd visit, add pimento cheese.

Phat and Shawn have some information you need to know in their Dakota posts. Check them out.