4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Who has the best Juicy Lucy in Minnesota?  USA TODAY says it’s Crooked Pint Ale House.  What do I say?  Not so fast!

Let me say that this is a good Juicy Lucy.  I enjoyed it very much.  The combination of the ghost pepper cheese and the sweet chili sauce was delicious!  When you hear “ghost pepper”, you think super hot.  This was not.  The sweet chili sauce takes the heat way down.  The cheese had a lot of flavor and good consistency.

I’ve stated before, that for me, burgers and juicy lucy’s are in separate categories due to the fact that the meat has to be cooked longer in most cases in order to get the cheese to melt correctly.  That being said, the beef was not overcooked.  It was pink and juicy.  I was impressed!

The beef is topped with a slice of monterey jack cheese, mayo, more sweet chili sauce, crispy bacon and haystack onions.  The bacon was a little crispy for me.  One more thing I liked was their use of romaine type shredded lettuce.  It was a nice touch.  The bun was pretty soft and lightly toasted.  It was ok.

Back to the hype.  I don’t think I’m ready to give the Juicy Lucy crown to Crooked Pint, but the Sweet Heat Lucy should be on your hit list for sure.  You can decide for yourself.  I really liked this Lucy!

French Fries – Ok.

Jumbo Tater Tots- Delicious!