4.0 out of 5.0 stars

One positive thing to come about since restaurants were forced to close, at least for the consumers, would be curbside pick-up.  For me, I will eat inside a restaurant by myself, but really don’t love doing that.  Curbside pick-up/Take out, allows me to easily order and pick-up my food (burger), without needing to dine inside by myself.  Of course, a burger coming out hot, cheese dripping down onto the plate, is always the best way to go, but I will visit more places now with this option.  I hope Curbside pick-up/Takeout continues to be an option into the future.

Keep tagging me on your burger favorites and your new burger finds.  I do pay attention and I have not even come close to having a burger at every restaurant around the Twin Cities.  Thank you, @marktimemedia for this recommendation!

@craveamerica has a bunch of locations around the Twin Cities, but I’ve never had a burger at any of them.  When I see Wagyu, my spidey beef senses perk up.  Wagyu means Japanese cattle.  It is known for its perfect marbling and it melts in your mouth.  You won’t find pure Wagyu beef in the US as it is crossbred with American cattle, but it typically does have better marbling with the beefy taste we love.

They nailed my requested temp. The char broiled patty was seasoned very well and was juicy.  The patty is topped with Mushroom Conserva.  Think of marinated mushrooms.  Caramelized onions, chopped a little thicker, have a nice flavor.  Swiss cheese is melted perfectly, engulfing the onions and mushrooms.

There is a ton of rosemary garlic aioli under the patty and it’s flavorful and delicious.  A slice of butter lettuce is also underneath.  The lettuce was a little compromised from all of the aioli and from the extra minutes waiting for me to pick it up.  Nothing too serious though.  The bun was soft and lightly toasted.  A very nice bun. I really like this burger.

French fries – Very good.