4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Looking for a totally different burger experience?  I’ve got one for you, and it’s a really, really good one!  Do I have your attention?  There are a lot of reasons to head over to the East side of St. Paul for some great food.  After today, I have yet another one!

After a bite or two, the bold flavors will grab your taste buds and won’t let them go.  You certainly won’t want them to either.  The beef is the ever popular Peterson Limousin Beef blended with their incredibly flavorful Korean spices.  The beef patty is topped with beautifully melted cheddar cheese.

On top of that is what they call Daikon slaw and spicy mayo.  Daikon is a Japanese radish that looks like a white carrot.  It is nothing like the radishes we think of.  It’s crisp and fresh and can be a little spicy.  The slaw has a sweetness to it and cools off the spicy Daikon and the beef blend perfectly.  It is delicious!

The bun is soft and lightly toasted and the perfect compliment to this masterpiece of flavors.  I do want to emphasize that this creation is not too hot at all.  The spiciness refers to the flavors, not the heat.  Don’t be afraid of that.

This burger is so different and incredible!  I definitely recommend this burger experience.  You will love it!  I do!

Mac & Chi – Fantastic!

Fries – Delicious,

Spicy mayo – Very good!