3.0 out of 5.0 stars

When was the last time you visited a classic American diner?  If it’s been a while, it just might be a good time.  They are getting to be a rare find.  Twin Cities Burger Night #TCBN, steps out into the daylight to visit a place 85 years in the making.

@shawnsrodgers – @phatphood & myself are keeping it simple with the classic diner staples of cheeseburgers, fries and malted milks.  You can grab a bar stool if you like and watch the burgers fly off the flat-top grill or grab a table with a red & white checkered tablecloth.  It’s just got that, going back to a simpler time, vibe.

The ground beef patty is a thick one, so the single should be all you need, but you can double it up if you’re really hungry.  You’ve got a few different cheese options, but why not American, and perfectly melted?  I added fried onions and they gave me a bunch.  You get 3 thinly sliced pickles to throw on.  The hearth baked bun is soft, lightly toasted and fantastic!  Could the beef have been juicier?  Yep.  Could the beef have been seasoned better?  Heck yes!  But, when that nostalgic feeling takes over, things can seem a whole lot better!

Homestyle French Fries- Fantastic!

Wild Blueberry Malted Milk – Delicious!