4.5 out of 5.0 stars

A lot of places are creating their version of the Big Mac, and doing it very well.  But what about the iconic McDonald’s cheeseburger? Constantine is paying tribute to it and delivering a burger McDonalds could only dream of.

Trust me, this is something you want to experience.  I’ll tell you a few things about it and then refer you to a great review of this burger.

Meat, cheese, pickles, onions and bun.  Simple?  Yep!  Delicious?  Totally!  The words that come to mind for this burger experience are “buttery soft”. The flavorful chuck & brisket blend of beef is mixed with copious amounts of butter and grilled in butter as well.  The bun is slathered with butter and then toasted on the flattop.  Delicious white American cheese covers the patty and tasty pickles on top of that.  White onions are thrown on as well.

This burger will melt in your mouth and beg you for another.  Give it what it wants.  Order two.  Do not share.  A second patty you ask?  Why, of course.  Monello, upstairs, serves a double patty version of this incredible burger.  I will be back for that.

That’s my short description.  Google “Burger Friday Constantine” and check out @ricknelsonstrib awesome review of this burger.

I really liked this burger!

I make frequent trips to the Minnesota Orchestra.  You can bet, I’ll be making frequent trips to Constantine!

Tater Barrels – Very good!