5.0 out of 5.0 stars

The North is calling.  That would be the North Metro.  I’ve said many times that I love to find and add good burgers to my portfolio from places located in the North Metro area.  This is the place to check out right now.

Things were hopping at @churchillstmn on this Saturday morning.  I would describe this place as bright and cheery.  So many cars parked along the street gave me a little pause, but it’s hard to separate this man from the burger he’s trying to conquer.

It was only a 15 minute wait, but there were two open seats at the bar.  Yes, please.  There are no big surprises with the Churchill Burger.  The double smashburger is doing very well across Twin City restaurants and this one is no exception.  It’s a winning formula and it’s executed very well.

Two thin Peterson Craft Meats patties, smashed thin, given a very nice char, juicy and seasoned pretty well.  They melt a white American and a yellow American slice of cheese from @coopercheese, one on each patty.  You may get yellow American or white American on the top or bottom patty.  They switch it up.  You will notice right away that their house made sliced pickles are going to be with you in every bite.  They are big and they are very good.  There are a few tasty, thin sliced caramelized onions placed on the bottom bun.  I wish there were a few more.

All this might be more than enough, but they pour on what they call malted fry sauce.  It shines on this burger.  It totally reminds me of the fry sauce from a not so well known steakburger chain, and it’s delicious!  The Denny’s Fifth Avenue Bakery bun is toasted nicely and is great.  This is a fantastic burger!