4.5 out of 5.0 stars

There’s a new burger getting some attention recently, that I’ve been asked about by a few people.  I’ll just say, the early bird doesn’t always get the perfect worm.

I picked up this cheeseburger back in mid February.  It was about 3 weeks after they opened.  I would say overall, the burger was very good.  There were a couple of things that I was concerned about that I did give feedback on.  I decided not to post at the time, since sometimes places are still perfecting menu items and I did get it in a takeout container, which we all know how that can go sometimes.  I decided to wait and watch and see how things looked after a few weeks.  From what I’ve seen and heard, and from my recent 2nd visit, this time dining inside, I think they may have things dialed in.

Cheeseburger – beef patty, America cheese, garlic mustard aioli, pickles n’ onions.  Add Club Bacon or make it a Double.

The beef patties are smashed and have a very nice char on them.  They are juicy as well.  Two things.  You will notice that the beef patties are way bigger than the bun.  I mean way bigger.  I’m not sure if this will be their trademark thing or what.  One thing for sure is, you’ll get your money’s worth in beef.  They do season the patties heavily.  Yes, I’m critical of under seasoning beef, but this is definitely at the top of liberally seasoned.  I’m ok with it.

American cheese is plentiful and melted perfectly.  I love the diced red onions below the patties.  The small diced onions bath in a generous amount of their uniquely flavored garlic mustard aioli.  I did like it.  They slice their pickles lengthwise and very thin.  I like the thin slices.  The bun was an issue for me the first time.  This time it is much better.  It had a lighter toasting on it.  It’s a little flatter than I like, but it was better the 2nd time as well.  Overall, it’s a very good burger that I would recommend.

Pork Belly Ramen – Fantastic!

Chip’s Wings – Nashville Hot,Delicious!