5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Not only is it a new month, it’s a new year.  I’ve been telling you about Celts Craft House Burgers of the Month since last February.  This is their 12th BOM, and what a burger it is to kick off 2019!

This is the best burger I’ve ever had at Celts Craft House!  I’ll give you some insight into my burger rating process.  My wife is usually with me on half of my burger visits.  After a couple bites, if we both say, “that’s a really good burger”, it’s usually a 4 1/2.  If we both say, “holy crap, that’s a great burger!”, a 5 is certainly in the mix.  Tonight, the holy craps were flying all over the place.

Here’s the story of the Yeti burger as I understand it.  I guess somewhere there is a restaurant that has wings they call Yeti wings.  They are a buffalo sauce type wing.  A patron at Celts was talking with Chef Al about them and it inspired him to come up with the Yeti Burger.  Al doesn’t just throw on some buffalo sauce and blue cheese crumbles.  He takes it to the next level.

A scratch made chipotle sauce is poured on the grill, the beef patty is placed on top of the sauce and then more sauce is poured on top of the patty.  The sauce penetrates the beef and then creates a great chipotle char on both sides of the patty.  The blend of short rib and chuck was cooked to a beautiful temp, was super juicy and the chipotle seasoning was off the charts.

Continuing the buffalo style theme, roasted celery and onions are placed on top of the patty.  If I could only describe to you how deliciously salty the celery and onions were.  There are so many stars in this burger, but another is the scratch made blue cheese mornay sauce.  It’s got some blue cheese bite to it and is so creamy and delicious!

The last brilliant part of this is the bun.  Al created a buffalo sauce butter, melts it on the grill and places the buns in the butter until the buns gets a perfect toast.  The result is literally a flavor bomb of a burger.  It’s salty and spicy and just made my taste buds do a happy dance.  Don’t worry, it’s not overly spicy, its perfect.

This is the month to stop in for the Burger of the Month at Celts Craft House!  This is the definition of a gourmet burger.  I think you’ll love it!  I will be back for another.

Hand-cut Fries – Fantastic!  Get a side of the garlic aioli.