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It’s March!  That means the snowiest February ever in Minnesota is finally over!  It also means it’s time for another killer Burger of the Month from Chef Al!  I’m excited to tell you about it!

When I hear bacon cheeseburger, I want lots of bacon and lots of cheese.  What makes it Ultimate?  Most places will just throw on more bacon and more cheese, but Al puts his own, unique spin on it.  We need to start with the bacon.  Bacon is salt cured pork, usually taken from a couple different cuts of meat.  Al uses the pork shoulder area of the pig to make his bacon.  After curing it for a few days, he has a special process he puts it through, where the bacon ends up the size of a loaf of bread.  He then slices it the regular thickness of bacon, but it won’t be in narrow strips, it will cover the whole beef patty.  In fact, it’s draped over the sides.  This gives you bacon in every bite.  This full slice of house made, pork shoulder bacon, is grilled on the flat top in bacon fat as well.

The 1/2 pound Pat Lafrieda blend of short rib & chuck is cooked perfectly to my temp, seasoned beautifully, as usual, and has a super char on it.  The beef patty is topped with a slice of American cheese.  Next, the super large slice of bacon is placed on top.  I think we need a little more bacon and cheese.  OK.  Al makes a fantastic, bacon infused, sharp cheddar/colby jack mornay sauce.  It has the perfect consistency.  This is poured on top of the bacon.  The bun from @dennys5thavebakery is soft, lightly toasted and just awesome.  Don’t forget about the delicious, thin sliced pickles.  Throw some on.

It truly is the Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger!  I love it!  March is going to be a great month!

House-cut fries – Delicious!  Get the side of garlic aioli!