4.5 out of 5.0 stars

The calendar has turned once again.  November is here.  What do I think about?  That’s easy.  Thanksgiving dinner!  The other thing?  Thanksgiving leftovers the next day.  What if you didn’t  have to wait for Thanksgiving leftovers?

It’s Burger of the Month time at Celts Craft House.  I like this burger so much, I’d like to tell you it’s no “turkey” of a burger, but it totally is! 藍 This Thanksgiving Turkey Burger will satisfy your craving for that next day leftovers sandwich.

Once again, Chef Al has come up with something you are just not going to find anywhere else.  I’m going to call this a gourmet burger.  The patty is made up of Hand-ground turkey and infused with sage stuffing.  There is so much flavor, and when the patty is grilled on the flattop, you get a nice char on the turkey, but an even better char on the chunks of stuffing bursting out from the ground turkey, locking all that flavor inside.  Some people get a little scared of cranberry sauce.  No need, you will love the sweetness and acidity of this cranberry sauce that tops the patty.  It works so well with the savory taste of the turkey/stuffing patty.

Their Denny’s Fifth Avenue Bakery Pub Bun is soft, lightly toasted and perfect.  This all makes a fantastic turkey burger, but it’s not Thanksgiving leftovers without gravy, right?  Chef Al agrees.  He’s whipped up some delicious, perfectly salty, turkey gravy and gives you it on the side.  Try a couple bites of the burger and get a taste of the flavors, but then dip it in this delicious turkey gravy and you will be taken to leftover heaven.  You could even pour it over the patty if you like.  This burger is fantastic!  Chef has yet another winner.  I will be back again for this one.

Pumpkin-spiced sweet potato fries – Very good!