4.5 out of 5.0 stars

I’m starving!  I feel like something with an Asian flare.  Where can I go?  An Irish Pub?  Yes, what a brilliant idea!

I’m not joking.  Their August Burger of the Month has incredible Asian flavors coming at you from every angle.

Let’s start with what we know and love about all of their burgers, the half-pound, Pat LaFrieda blend of short rib & chuck.  This was, as usual, cooked perfectly to my liking and was very juicy.  Seasoned?  Not this time, but I’m ok with it.  Let me explain.

There is no need to season the beef when their homemade teriyaki sauce/glaze is poured over it providing the right amount of saltiness.  This sauce will grab you right away.  It’s full bodied, but not too overwhelming and not too salty.  If you are going to give me sauce, then GIVE me sauce, as I like to say.  They do.  The teriyaki sauce oozes down from the top of the patty, but the bun collects it nicely and not much is lost.

I can’t tell you every component to Chef Al’s scratch made toasted sesame slaw, but it’s a beautiful, colorful, flavorful and a very important part of this burger.  Roasted peanut Szechuan sauce is slathered on the top bun for even more Asian flavor.  The Denny’s Fifth Avenue Bakery Pub Bun is fantastic!  Soft, lightly toasted, but solid.  A great bun.

I made sure I stopped in early this month so I could tell you this flavor bomb of a burger is available throughout the whole month of August.  If you are craving some Asian food, make a stop at my favorite Irish place for their Szechuan burger.  I really like this burger!

Hand-Cut Fries – Fantastic as usual!  Get a side of the garlic aioli to dip them in.