Checking out the January Burger of the Month at @celtscrafthouse. Sweet, salty and savory is the theme, but as always, Chef Al adds an extra element to the mix.

No cheese this month. Al’s well seasoned, 1/2 pound patty gets a full coating from his sweet & salty, a little sticky, garlic teriyaki sauce. What goes well with teriyaki? Pineapple! These are not just pineapple chunks. This is a pineapple habanero chutney. It is sweet and savory, but the habanero has just enough kick to get your attention. It will pleasantry hit you a few seconds after your bite. You’ll say, there it is, then it will slowly dissipate. It’s fantastic. Al sprinkles on some diced green onions and a few sesame seeds. The @dennysbakery bun is soft and lightly toasted.

I think you’ll really like the combination of the garlic teriyaki and the pineapple habanero chutney. You’ve got a few days before it’s gone.