4.5 out of 5.0 stars

My fellow garlic lovers.  This is our burger!  It’s a symphony of garlic flavors, and once again, Chef Al is the maestro!  I knew this burger was coming, and I can’t tell you how excited I was to finally see it looking up at me. J  My picture cannot tell the whole story.

Let’s just get this out of the way.  I love all things garlic and I love this burger.  It is put together brilliantly.  This burger is available starting today and throughout the month of May.

The beef, a Pat LaFrieda blend of short rib & chuck.  It was seasoned very well, charred beautifully and cooked spot on to my preference.  Super juicy!  Delicious roasted garlic is spread across this ½ pound patty, then a ton of Gouda cheese is beautifully melted over it.

On this burger, the bun is so key to this whole creation.  Both top and bottom buns get a swipe of garlic butter and then they are dipped in parmesan cheese and toasted on the grill.  You get a nice, light crusting of the parmesan cheese.  It’s awesome.  This soft, pub bun from Denny’s Fifth Avenue Bakery is one star of this show.  In case you want even more garlic flavor, they give you a side of what is called “Toum”.  Me too, no clue.  It’s a creamy, Lebanese garlic sauce.  It has intense garlic flavor.  Slather it on the top bun if you wish or dip your fries in it.  They also have their own house-made roasted garlic aioli that is the bomb.  Get a side of that too if you like.

You have now reached Garlic Burger Nirvana!

I’m going to go ahead and say this is the perfect Date Night burger.  Just make sure both of you get the burger.  Make sure it’s just the two of you the rest of the night since they’ll be a garlic cloud hanging around you.

Again, this is the May Burger of the Month.  It is available May 1st through May 31st.  I can tell you, I will be getting this burger a couple more times this month.  It is fantastic!  If garlic is not your thing, they can hook you up with one of their other satisfying burgers.

It’s pushing a 5 for me.

Hand-Cut Fries – Delicious!