4.5 out of 5.0 stars

As I’ve stated before, I normally don’t review “burgers of the month” since it only gives people a month to get out and try them.  That is changing today.  I’m going to review any burger I want to! 
Being a Rosemount resident, I’ve taken it upon myself to be a voice for some businesses that I believe in and love, south of the river.  Celts Craft House is one of them!

I think Chef Al is a creative genius and all of his scratch made food is fantastic!  This burger being on that list.  It oozes everything Irish.  The beef, as usual, is a Pat LaFrieda blend of ground chuck and short rib.  It was cooked perfectly, was flavorful and juicy.

Al’s corned beef is tender and delicious and is piled on top of the beef patty.  His flavorful cabbage is piled on top of that.  The cheese, Wow!  That cheese covering and dripping over everything is Al’s House-made Swiss Mornay sauce.

The last of his House-made creations is his, can’t get enough, thousand island dressing.  He generously dumps that on the top bun.  The pub bun is soft and perfectly toasted.

You could take the beef patty out and you’d have a great Reuben sandwich, but then you wouldn’t have a Reuben Burger, would you?

This is a fantastic burger!  Do what the Irish would do and check this Burger out.  Check out my Celts instastory highlighting a few of their delicious menu items.  The word is getting out!

Hand-cut Fries – fantastic!  Get some thousand island sauce or some roasted garlic aioli to dip your fries in!