4.5 out of 5.0 stars

It’s July and it’s hot!  Sometimes, it feels like you are slow roasting in the heat.  That reminds me of the July Burger of the Month at Celts Craft House.

The focus this month is on salty, savory pulled pot roast, slow roasted in beef gravy and giving this burger a whole new flavor profile.  The Social part of the name, references beef and gravy served at weddings and other social events back in the day.

The beef patty, a half pound chuck, brisket and short rib blend, is liberally seasoned, has a nice thick char on it and is very juicy.  Cheddar Jack cheese is melted on top of the patty and the pulled pot roast tops that.  Even more cheddar jack is melted over the pulled pot roast.  That’s cheesy!  The other surprise component to this burger is Al’s special cheese crust on the top bun.  It’s garlic and parmesan cheese spread on the bun and then it’s toasted on the grill giving the bun a delicious flavored cheesy, crusty layer.  The bun is from Denny’s 5th Avenue Bakery.  Thin sliced pickles on the side as always.

That isn’t enough for Al.  He gives you a side of beef gravy to dip your burger into or as I am want to do, pour it over the burger for even more salty, beefy flavor.  This is a fun experience.  Nothing gets soaked except your tastebuds!  It’s something totally different you should give a try sometime in July.  It’s very good!

Hand-cut Fries – Fantastic!