4.5 out of 5.0 stars

A few days ago, I wasn’t sure where and when my next Burger post would be.  I wanted to make sure I was being sensitive and responsible to what is going on around us and doing what I am supposed to be doing to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  The muddy restaurant picture has cleared up enough to let us know how we can help.  That being said, Burgers are still out there and Burgers still need to be enjoyed!

I’ve seen so many posts and stories of people supporting local businesses/restaurants.  Many of you have been to multiple places already.  You rock!  There is information out there detailing how we can support each place.  We all have our favorite local restaurants we hope will come out of this ok.  My favorite local place, as you know, is Celts Craft House.  They will be doing Curbside To-Go, every day of the week from 4-8pm.  Call them, place your order, pay and tip with your credit card.  You can use cash if needed, but it’s safer for a credit card payment.  They will tell you where to park and give you a time it will be ready.  Park, roll down your window and they will hand you the goods.  Easy!  This procedure is going on at most restaurants.  A lot of places are offering delivery as well.  Pay attention to all of the great posts and stories on what all of these different restaurants are doing.

Oh, I almost forgot, the Mushroom Burger.  I’ve had it a few times, I love it!  Al’s delicious, signature Bacon Cheddar Sauce with sautéed Cremini Mushrooms, is poured over their perfectly seasoned, juicy, 1/2 pound, chuck and short rib beef patty.  Their lightly toasted, Dennys Fifth Ave. Bakery bun is fantastic as well.

We need to take care of and do what’s best for ourselves and our families.  We also need to help our small, local businesses/restaurants survive this very difficult time.  I’ll be doing as much as I can.  I know you will too!