5.0 out of 5.0 stars

We’ve reached the final month of the year, and with it, the final 2019 Burger of the Month at Celts Craft House.  The bad weather has been making me think about getting away for a few days, then reality sets in and I tell myself to be patient, it’s only December.  I found a fix for my cold weather blues when I stopped in for Chef Al’s December BOM.  He’s taking us on a flavor cruise around the Mediterranean.

Can a burger transport you to another place?  It sure can.  I’ve never been to this area of the world, but the next best thing is being treated to the many different flavors of this area, and that’s what Al has done so superbly.

The brisket, chuck & short rib beef blend is seasoned with salt, pepper, oregano, garlic and lemon zest.  It doesn’t happen often, but I distinctly tasted the seasoning.  The beef was juicy and cooked to my perfect pink temp.  Manchego cheese gives us its zesty, slightly salty taste and buttery texture.  It’s a little more work to get it melted, but it was.  I love olives, and Al’s olive tapenade is fantastic, and you definitely get enough to enjoy it.  The final piece is a mound of Caesar salad below the patty.  If gives you a salty, lemony, garlicky flavor and a nice little crunch.  Denny’s 5th Ave. Bakery provides the soft, lightly toasted bun.

There are so many flavors you will enjoy that you won’t want this burger experience to end.  I know I didn’t.  I definitely wanted another one.  This is a fantastic burger!

Hand-Cut Fries – Fantastic!