4.5 out of 5.0 stars

My first two loves are Burgers and Pizza.  Two weeks ago I had a great burger at a pizza place.  This week I’m having a great, classic style, pizza themed, burger, at an Irish Pub.

When Chef Al said he had created a pizza burger for his November Burger of the Month, my first thought was of the pizza burgers I’d had in the past, with a heavy tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and pepperoni thrown on.  I should have known Al’s version would be nothing like that.  It has to start with a great piece of beef.  Their blend of chuck, brisket and short rib was seasoned well with salt, juicy and hit my perfect temp.  Al takes his house made marinara and reduces it down until it is very thick, then ladles a good amount on the patty.

Next, is his 3 cheese pizza blend, which includes mozzarella, provolone and reggiano.  It’s melted beautiful over the marinara topped patty.  Al takes a couple thin slices of tomatoes and grills them until they are nice and soft, then adds a few fresh basil leaves to top things off.  He then takes his roasted garlic and spreads it on the toasted and simply perfect bun from Denny’s 5th Avenue Bakery.  You’ll certainly get the tomato taste from the marinara and the grilled tomatoes, and the great pizza flavor of the delicious 3 cheese blend.  Basil and tomatoes go hand in hand.  There is not one flavor that dominates everything else.  It’s perfectly balanced.  If you like Margherita pizza, I think you will love this burger!

Hand-cut Fries – Fantastic!