5.0 out of 5.0 stars

October brings a lot of things we like.  Fall colors, football kicks into high gear, and Halloween.  Those are all pretty cool, but for me, October brings another Burger of the Month at Celts Craft House.  I say it a lot, but doing a Burger of the Month allows Chef Al’s creativity to shine.  Let me tell you, his Chicago-style Hot Italian Burger shines bright!

I talk a lot about not just having a burger, but having a burger experience.  This is an interactive burger experience.

You could just stack a few thin slices of seasoned roast beef on top of a beef patty and call it a Hot Italian Burger.  Not here.  Their half pound Pat LaFrieda blend of short rib & chuck is cooked to temp, beautifully seasoned with Italian seasoning and then charred nicely on the grill.  A five cheese blend tops the seasoned beef patty.  Next is the key to this Italian burger, Chicago-style giardiniera.  Giardiniera is basically Italian relish made from an assortment of pickled vegetables.  This one’s got a nice kick to it.  It had my mouth doing a tingly, happy dance.  More of the five cheese blend tops the giardiniera.  I added a few pickle slices to cut the heat just a little.  The Denny’s Fifth Avenue Bakery Pub Bun is lightly toasted and perfect!

You can’t have a Hot Italian Burger without au jus.  Au jus means “with juice”.  Their rosemary garlic au jus is fantastic.  This is the fun, interactive part of the burger experience.  Take a couple bites of the burger and get the flavor of the Italian seasoned beef patty and the spicy giardiniera.  Then dip it into the delicious rosemary garlic au jus, just like you do with a Hot Italian Beef sandwich.  Get it a little soggy and enjoy!  Tear off a chunk, dip it. repeat.  How many burgers have you dipped into au jus?  This one is meant to do just that.  Trust me, it will take this burger to the next level.  You need to experience it.

The Chicago-style Hot Italian Burger is executed perfectly and deserves nothing less than a 5 Star rating!

I don’t know how Chef Al keeps coming up with, and executing, these incredible burgers each month.  Well done, Al!  This will be available throughout the month of October.  I know I’m coming back!

Hand-cut Fries – Delicious!  Get a side of garlic aioli.