4.5 out of 5.0 stars

How did you like that string of 90 degree days we had in June?  We were all looking for a little relief.  We’ll, it’s July and Chef Al is bringing us to a place that is always 80 and sunny!

Al is giving us a little taste of Hawaiian cuisine with his July BOM, the Hawaiian Burger.  His beautifully seasoned, perfectly temped, 1/2 pound beef patty gets a sweet and tangy teriyaki bath on the grill.  Sweet and juicy pineapple chunks get charred nicely on the grill and tossed on top of the patty.  Next, you guessed it.  SPAM!  Hawaiians love SPAM.  The saltiness is a nice contrast to all the sweetness.  Al throws on a thin slice to finish this baby.  Their @dennysbakery bun is lightly toasted and awesome.

The teriyaki flavor is at the forefront for sure.  The texture of the grilled pineapple is like a little juice bomb.  Sweet & Salty.  It’s a delicious burger!