4.5 out of 5.0 stars

I love a good pour of Guinness Draught beer.  This world renowned iconic draught beer is added to a lot of recipes for its milky, creamy, sweet, malty, roasted coffee like flavor.  Chef Al takes all of that Guinness flavor and combines it with teriyaki style ingredients to deliver a fantastic tasting Guinness Wing sauce that he’s been using on his Craft House Wings for quite some time.  That sauce dominates Al’s June Burger of the Month!

I’ve loved Al’s Craft House Wings with Guinness Wing sauce for quite some time.  Now, at least for a month, we can get it on a burger.  Once again, the chuck, brisket and short rib beef blend hit my temp, was super juicy AND seasoned liberally.  This is the 16th BOM from Celts Craft House and I can honestly say the beef patties have all hit my pink temp, have been juicy, and have all been seasoned beautifully.  It can be done!

Next, a good amount of the Guinness Wing sauce is poured over the beef patty.  A bunch of sauteed cremini mushrooms, which are the same mushrooms used on their Mushroom Burger, are placed in the sauce.  Al’s choice of cheese is the creamy, buttery, Smoked Gouda.  It pairs well with stout beers such as Guinness.  There is a lot of cheese on this burger!  Al wants you to feel like you are getting enough of the Guinness sauce, so he drizzles even more over the cheese.  By now you know my saying, “If you are going to give me some sauce, then give me some damn sauce”!  There is plenty of sauce, and the flavor is intense, so be ready.  All of this is served up on the perfect Franklin Street Bakery bun that is soft and lightly toasted.

When you visit Celts Craft House for the Guinness Burger, I’d like you to get the full Guinness experience and order the Craft House Wings with Guinness Wing sauce, and order up a perfectly poured Guinness Draught Beer to complete the Guinness Trio.  I think you’ll love it!

Al told me his inspiration for the Guinness Burger was the fact that when one of his fellow Celts Craft House owners comes in for a visit, he always makes himself a burger and pours the Guinness Wing sauce over it.  I can’t think of a better idea.

Hand-cut Fries – Fantastic!  Garlic aioli is money!

Craft House Wings with Guinness Wing sauce – Fantastic!