5.0 out of 5.0 stars

October is a new month, and with that, we get a new Burger of the Month at Celts Craft House.  The exciting part for me is that, not only is this a new BOM, it’s a new style of burger.  Chef Al has given us a double patty burger for the first time, and he’s knocked it out of the park!

I’m also excited about the fact that Al has been working on a new menu, and this burger will be added to the regular menu.  It totally deserves it.

Two 1/4 pound, chuck, short rib & brisket blended beef patties are seasoned perfectly, juicy, have a great char and are cooked to the perfect pink temp.  American cheese is melted beautifully, engulfing both patties.  Delicious bacon, cooked just right, tops both patties.  Next it’s topped with a few very thin sliced red onions.  Just the right amount of shredded lettuce on the bottom bun with three thin sliced tomatoes.  Al slices the tomatoes thinner and spaces then evenly to minimize the patties from sliding all over the place.  There is a science to creating a great burger.  There are also a few tasty, thin sliced pickles on the side.

The top bun is generously slathered with taste bud satisfying seasoned sour cream, as Al calls it.  It a mix of sour cream, mayo, herbs and spices, and it’s unbelievably good!  The bun, as always, from Denny’s 5th Ave. Bakery, is toasted nicely and just the perfect burger bun to complete this masterpiece.

This burger is absolutely fantastic!

Hand-cut Fries – Delicious!

The new menu should be out in 3-4 weeks.