4.5 out of 5.0 stars

To make up for my late visit last month, I wanted to get in as soon as I could in February for Chef Al’s Burger of the Month.  I think February 1st is pretty good.

One of the things I love about BOM’s is we get to try burger creations we normally would not see on a menu.  Al has come up with some great themed burgers over the course of the last year and I look forward to them every month.  This month it’s a southern themed bbq style creation.  Carolina BBQ is certainly a style you think of when you talk about bbq.  Pulled pork is dominant as well as a vinegar based bbq sauce.

As we know, a great burger starts with great beef.  I love their blend of short rib & chuck.  Yet again, this half pound patty was cooked to a perfect temp, was very juicy and seasoned well.  That’s topped with the house-made bbq sauce and then a nice amount of melt in your mouth, slow-roasted pulled pork.  The coleslaw has a nice fresh, crispness to it.  One thing I like is that there is not too much bbq sauce, pulled pork or coleslaw.  It gives you some nice bbq, pulled pork flavor, but still let’s the beef come through as well.  The ratios are perfect.  The @dennys5thavebakery bun is always, soft, lightly toasted and awesome!  I don’t mind sounding like a broken record, but Al’s come up with another very enjoyable burger!

It’s a short month, so get your visit to Celts Craft House scheduled.

Hand-Cut Fries – Fantastic!  Get some garlic aioli to dip them in.