5.0 out of 5.0 stars

It’s June and it was time for me to check out what Chef Al from Celts Craft House had whipped up for their Burger of the Month.  Oh, California Turkey Burger?  I’m thinking dry, flavorless meat.  This might not go so well?  I can just say, yeah, it was pretty good.

Well, I couldn’t say it was pretty good, because… it was quite possibly the BEST Turkey Burger I’ve ever had!  Yes, I did say that.  Oh boy, Chef Al has totally outdid himself with this creation.  This will change the way you think about a turkey burger.

It starts with their fresh turkey, ground in-house daily.  Mixed in are sautéed onions, Portobello mushrooms, Worcestershire sauce and applewood-smoked bacon fat.  It exploded with flavors, was super juicy and had such a great char from the flattop.  You could take the turkey patty and eat it like a cookie if you like.  I wouldn’t do that because it gets even better.

Their fantastic roasted jalapeno aioli is generously slathered on both buns.  Don’t worry, it’s all flavor, not heat.  The turkey patty sits on top of two juicy slices of tomatoes and a bed of peppery arugula.  Not to be finished yet, a bunch of fresh sliced avocado sits atop the patty giving it an even more fresh taste.  Their pub bun, from Denny’s Fifth Avenue Bakery, is soft, lightly toasted and close to perfect.

I absolutely love this burger!  Yes, Chef Al, I have no second thoughts on giving you a 5 star rating on this one.  Well done!

Non beef eaters, you NEED to get to Celts Craft House and check this out.  Beef eaters, I think you’ll love this and you’ll be expanding your burger horizons.

The Minnesota Spring Turkey Hunting season ended May 31st, but Celts Craft House has extended it through the month of June!

Hand-Cut Fries – Fantastic!  Get some garlic aioli to dip them in.