Craving seafood, but really want a burger? I feel ya! I’ve got a solution for you.

Al’s choice for his October Burger of the Month is seafood, and shrimp is the winner, although the real winner is us.

It’s got everything you’d expect in a Po Boy. Cajun seasoned popcorn shrimp will grab your tastebuds and control them throughout the experience. Fantastic Cajun chipotle aioli gets drizzled over the shrimp. That duo tops the 1/2 pound, Pepperjack cheese covered, Cajun seasoned patty. Sliced tomatoes and a bed of shredded lettuce cover the bottom, nicely toasted, @dennysbakery bun. You can add pickles if you like. Al adds a few banana peppers on top of everything for a little acidity. The cajun flavors will certainly wake you up.

If you love Po Boy sandwiches, you’ll love the Cajun Shrimp Po Boy, Burger of the Month.

You’ve still got a couple of weeks. It’s time to meal plan.