4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Brunch?  A meal eaten in the late morning that is a combination of breakfast and lunch.  That is the definition you will find in the dictionary.  My definition?  The Brunch Burger at Celts Craft House!

I know, I’m posting Celts Craft House again.  Well, since it is my go to burger/food stop AND I happen to love their scratch made food, I’m not going to stop until you’ve paid them a visit.  OK.  I won’t stop then either.

July’s Burger of the Month is the Brunch Burger and it is fantastic!  Their half pound, signature Pat LaFrieda blend of ground chuck and short rib was spot on.  Well-seasoned and cooked perfectly!  Melty, American cheese tops the patty.  Now the breakfast part, a couple strips of perfectly cooked bacon, topped with an over easy egg, then delicious Hollandaise sauce is poured over the egg.  Another breakfast item is their cheesy hash browns, perfectly cooked on the grill sitting below the beef patty and on top of the bun.

Oh, the bun is an English muffin.  They grill it on the flattop, which gives it a nice little toast, but the rest of it is soft and bouncy.  It was great and soaked up everything nicely.  They give you a few thinly sliced pickles, which I had to put on as I like to do.

You will have a fun time with this delicious breakfast/lunch (brunch) burger!

I loved this burger!  My only regret is that I didn’t get here until the 24th of the month.  I won’t make that mistake again.  The good news is there is a week left for you to get the Brunch Burger AND you can get it all day, every day.

Hand-cut Fries – fantastic!  Get some roasted garlic aioli to dip your fries in!