4.0 out of 5.0 stars

I’m back at Celts Craft House checking out the December Burger of the Month.  I hope you like pepper because this one is all things pepper.

The Bergen is part of the Celts Craft House staff, Terry Bergen.

It still starts with a perfectly cooked 1/2 pound @patlafrieda blend of short rib & chuck beef patty.  The patty is seasoned with coffee spice rub and charred beautifully.  A Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce covers the patty.  You’ll definitely get a lot of flavor from the heavily peppered bacon.  The beef patty sits on a bed of sliced tomato and peppery arugula.  The last component to this peppery burger are onions straws.  You get a big handful of these babies. They are the thickest and have the best batter I’ve ever had.  I ate a bunch of them before eating my burger.  There are also a few tasty sliced pickles on the side.  For this BOM, they used a @dennys5thavebakery Pretzel bun.  It’s soft, lightly toasted and very good.  Normally playing second fiddle to salt, not this time!  Pepper takes center stage.  It’s unique and good.

House-cut fries – Delicious!  As always, get some garlic aioli.

Guiness Wings – Delicious!