4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Have you ever had a cheese curd burger?  You know, throw some deep fried cheese curds on top of the beef patty and you’ve got your cheese curd burger.  I end up picking off the curds and popping them in my mouth.  You should know by now that Chef Al doesn’t do things like everyone else does.  His February Burger of the Month will intrigue you.

It always starts with a 1/2 pound, beautifully seasoned and juicy beef patty, and the soft, nicely toasted, Denny’s 5th Avenue Bakery bun.

Let’s get to the cheese.  Chef chops up some bacon, throws it on the grill and tops it with a handful of squeaky, white cheddar, Ellsworth Creamery cheese curds, and then throws on some cheddar jack to give it a little more meltability.  Can you say “cheese skirt”? It melts until it’s golden brown and then it’s flipped on top of the patty.  The cheese dwarfs the patty and busts out all over.  Fried cheese with chopped bacon in it?  Yes, please!  It’s fantastic!

If you want some kind of aioli or mayo on it, definitely get a side of Al’s delicious roasted garlic aioli.

I haven’t been this excited talking about a skirt, since I wore a kilt for a wedding many, many years ago.