4.0 out of 5.0 stars

If it’s April 1st, it means another one of Chef Al’s burger creations is available.  No foolin’.

The classic All American Burger.  I think we all know what that looks like on most menus.  Al takes us back to this classic style burger with a little twist.

It always starts with the juicy, liberally seasoned, 1/2 pound beef patty.  You don’t get any more All American than American cheese.  Fry up some onions and two perfectly cooked strips of applewood smoked bacon.  Add a leaf of lettuce and a couple slices of tomatoes below the patty and you’ve got your All American burger with that bacon added on.

Oh, there is one more thing we need, ketchup or mayo.  Here is where Al modifies it a little bit.  He describes it as, whole grain mustard mayo and dill pickle tartar sauce.  This is all in one.  I shrug my shoulders and say, what the hell is that?  I’ll just say it’s delicious and of course there is plenty of it.  It’s swiped on both the top and bottom of the nicely toasted Denny’s Fifth Avenue Bakery bun.

It is available throughout the month of April.

I salute you, All American Burger!