3.0 out of 5.0 stars

I’m always looking for burgers that are a little outside the burger box and places that bring unique items from other regions of the country.  One of these burgers is a little different, the other is radically different.

Owner Greg Alford brought food items he grew up with and loved from Detroit, to Minneapolis, and he’s been sharing some of these with us.  I’ll get to the 2nd “burger?” in a minute.  First, the Smoked Burger is exactly what is sounds like.  It’s a beef patty that is smoked in the smoker.  It does take on that Smokey flavor.  It has flavor, but could have been a little juicier.  Greg added some American cheese and grilled onions for me, to go along with an abundant amount of his delicious, sweet, smokey barbecue sauce.  He loves his onion buns from Mainstreet Bakery, and I must say that I did too.  It’s a solid burger.

Have you had a Coney Island Loose Burger?  I didn’t think so.  Me either.  The most famous loose meat burger is probably Maid-Rite, but this one is popular back in Detroit.  Is it a burger or a sloppy joe?  Is it a burger or a sandwich?  Should it be on a hamburger bun or on a hot dog bun?  In Detroit, it’s seasoned loose meat beef on a hot dog bun, topped with coney/chili sauce, mustard and diced onions.  It’s one to try.  Coney style hot dogs and hamburgers did not originate from Coney Island, NY.  It’s widely considered a Michigan creation or at least a region that made them popular.

Greg has a delicious Motor City Corned Beef sandwich on an onion bun.  He also offers an authentic Detroit Coney Island Dog.  You’ll want to try the chili cheese fries and the baked beans, which have hamburger and diced onions in them.  The dessert show stopper is the fresh banana pudding.  Delicious banana flavor with a ton of sliced bananas and a few Nilla wafers on top.  Stop in and say hi to Greg.  I want to hear about his ribs and his brisket.