4.5 out of 5.0 stars

I was at an outdoor concert a couple of weeks ago and saw a food truck that was serving burgers.  I didn’t really think anything other than, I’m hungry and I could use a burger.  Well, I got the burger and it was fantastic.  I was like, what’s up with this Bushel & Peck food truck?  I looked online and saw that they also have a restaurant at Mill City Museum in Minneapolis.  I had to go just to make sure this wasn’t a fluke of some sort.  It wasn’t! 

The 4oz. double angus beef patties were seasoned very well and were very juicy.  Done!  Sold!  It’s over for me!  A ton of American cheese enveloped each patty.  This being a farm-fresh, locally-sourced restaurant, they give you a couple leaves of fresh bibb lettuce and two very fresh, large slices of tomatoes.  They throw in some really good sliced house pickles on the side, which you have to add to your burger.  They also swipe on a good amount of their tasty “special sauce” on the bottom bun.  I didn’t get the berkshire bacon this time, but certainly will next time.  The bun is a potato roll and was fine.

Make sure you find the Bushel & Peck restaurant or their food truck on your next burger visit.  It is worth your time.  I loved this burger!

French fries – Fantastic!  The chili mayo and smoked-chili ketchup are fantastic as well.