4.0 out of 5.0 stars

There are great burgers out there everywhere.  Make sure you check out menus from every restaurant with every type of food.  You really never know who might have the next great burger.  A good example is Burnt Chkn.  As of today, they are a popup restaurant located inside Cook St. Paul and open Sunday thru Wednesday.

Chef Bernard has brought what he calls a fusion of flavors and spices to the Twin Cities from his culinary experience with Jamaican, Mexican & Cajun/Creole cuisine.  As you would expect, the menu is heavy on chicken items, including what Chef is known for, his Jerk Chicken sandwich, but there are a few burgers on the menu.  I was tempted to go with the attention grabber, the BOK Gang Burger, which is his version of the McGangbang.  It’s a chicken patty on top of a beef patty.  That will be another day.  I picked Chef’s personal favorite burger, the Jamaican Spicy Beef Burger.  It is incredibly flavorful with a little spicy kick to it.

The beef is 100% Angus and Chef takes it from there and mixes in Jamaican seasoning, cilantro, onions and turmeric.  The seasoning was fantastic and the beef was juicy.  His house made Jerk BBQ sauce stars, with its jerk flavor and sweetness.  He doesn’t skimp on it either.  Next is the sweet island slaw that covers the patty.  It’s a creation of cabbage, red cabbage, cilantro, brown sugar, sweet soy and mayo.  I love a sweet slaw.  The bun is soft and toasted nicely.  You’ll get even more flavor from the chipotle spread swiped on the buns.  You do have an option to add a fried egg or cheese.  I did add a slice of American cheese since I usually want cheese on my burger.  You do not need cheese on this baby.

This is one of those unique burgers that has so many great flavors of which we don’t get too experience very often on a burger.  I would take advantage of it while you can.  It’s a delicious burger.

Fries with House Seasoning – Fantastic!

Jerk Tacos with Pulled Jerk Chicken – Delicious!

Jerk BBQ Sauce & Sweet Bourbon Sauce.  Get a side or two of both.  They are fantastic!