4.0 out of 5.0 stars

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet and get to know some very creative and talented Chefs on my burger journey.  Chef Mik has taken his creative talents south to Eagan.  Chef’s plate is pretty full, leading the team at three restaurants, Farmer’s Grandson Eatery, Volstead House & Burgers and Bottles, all located next to each other.

Chef spends a lot of time smoking meats for the lunch time crowd at Farmer’s Grandson Eatery, but he’s kicking out good things for the burger crowd at B&B.  The Chuck Norris Burger is a weekly special, but it should be coming to the regular menu soon.  Two flame broiled, 1/4 double patties, cooked to temp and seasoned nicely as Chef always does.  Smoked American cheese tops both patties.  Pickled red onions are added on top.  There is also some tasty chili mayo in the mix.

The kicker on this burger is the delicious house made queso sauce poured over the top.  It’s made from smoked American cheese and smoked jalapeños, giving it just a little heat.  There is also tasty chili mayo made with fresh jalapeños swiped on as well.  The lightly toasted bun finishes it off.  Why is it called the Chuck Norris Burger?  Chef says it is beefy, cheesy and has a kick.  You don’t need a black belt to order this baby!

There is a great selection of different burgers on the menu to try.  We welcomed the Vikings to Eagan, let’s welcome Chef Mik to Eagan.

Check out Chef’s special spice creation at @14spicemn.  Grab a couple bottles for the holidays.

@burgeraweek, thanks for joining me in the parking lot.  Socially distanced, of course.

Loaded Side Winders – Loved them!

Bourbon Wings- Delicious!