3.5 out of 5.0 stars

I’ve always enjoyed my visits to Burger Jones, and we were excited for a chance to have a Twin Cities Burger Night there.  I brought @phatphood & @shawnsrodgers.  I live in the south metro, close to where the Burnsville, Burger Jones is located, so it was fun to check out their Minneapolis location.

Normally, I get a restaurant’s signature burger or build my own, but every now and then I can get a little crazy!  This was one of those times.  The Stack Pack, actually, is one of their signature burgers on the menu.  It comes as a double patty for $10.49.  You can make it a sextuple burger for $17.99.  You want to talk meat sweats?  Let’s talk!  You get six 3 1/2 ounce patties, which, if you do the math, is pushing a pound and 1/2 of beef.  These fresh, never frozen, hand formed patties had a super char and actually had a slight saltiness to them.  They were pretty juicy as well.  A slice of American cheese on each of the six patties was melted perfectly.  It comes with diced onions.  I added sautéed onions as I like to do.  Shredded lettuce on the bottom along with a tomato.  I also added a couple slices of applewood smoked bacon.  Their delicious special sauce is drizzled on top.  Finally, their house-made toasted, signature BJ branded bun, tries to hold this meatstravaganza in check.  That’s a tough job.  This is a meaty mess, but I definitely enjoyed it!  You know what your getting into.  What you may not know is that the burger patties are cooked in the bacon fat from their applewood smoked bacon.  Love it!

Check out the Burgers that @phatphood & @shawnsrodgers chose.  The chipotle aioli is totally addicting.  Get some!

Thank you, Joyce, for having us in.  Thank you, Chef David, for whipping up my Sextuplet creation, and to our server, Whitney for the fantastic service!

Fries – Very good!

Summit Battered Cheese Curds – Very good!

Jalapeño Poppers – Fantastic!