4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Another very solid burger stop to keep on your radar is Burger Jones.  Locations in Burnsville and Uptown.

My latest stop here was my best stop yet.  You can build your burger and as you may be learning, I’m a bacon cheeseburger guy.

Almost a half pound of a beefy tasting Angus blend with the perfect flattop char, cooked to pink or no pink.  Pink please! ✅

American cheese is the choice and it was the right choice.  Sautéed onions were perfect.  The applewood smoked bacon was spot on.  Pickles were added as always.  Their bun is a good looking egg washed milk type bun and it is really good.

One thing I wanted to make a point of was that the nice crusted beef patty went beyond the bun and that’s a good thing.  You don’t see that beef to bun ratio very often.

I wanted to try some of their BJ Special Sauce, which you can have as a topping.  I preferred it on the side just in case, well you know.   I dipped a fry in it first and the flavor was fantastic!  That stuff was definitely drizzled, well, dumped on top of my burger.

This is a good burger!

French Fries – OK

BJ Special Sauce – Fantastic!