5.0 out of 5.0 stars

How many burgers have you only had curbside or to go, but wanted to have that inside restaurant experience and to enjoy that burger right off the grill? Last night’s #TCBurgerNight, with @phatphood & @shawnsrodgers, got all of us inside for the first time to enjoy that @burgerjointmpls burger at @lynlakebrewery.

That burger that we only previously had curbside is the “Oakie Style Onion Burger. We know that the smashburger rules the herd in the Twin Cities, but only a few are doing them Oklahoma style. Chef Pedro is smashing thin sliced onions into two 3oz. 80/20 ground chuck patties. I love how he’s slicing the onions. They are very thin, but not flat and they are cooked perfectly. You get just the right amount of onions. Back to the beef. It’s seasoned well and is juicy. The American cheese is melted beautifully. The brioche bun is soft and lightly toasted. It has that little crispy ring around the outside. Pedro, scratch makes a flavorful mustard mayo, and that’s swiped on the bottom bun with a few thin sliced pickles. The mustard mayo is there, but not dominant. The pickles balance, but stay in the background. This is a delicious burger!

There are a few other burgers to try, as well as a Burger of the Month.

Lynlake Brewery is such a cool place. A huge bar, live music, big tanks in the back and a rooftop patio. The staff is friendly and welcoming. Alek, the Asst. Manager is a great front man, who you’ll see all over the place. The GM, Luke, @itslukedutelle, along with Marah, are executing perfect pours at every turn.

Phat and Shawn have some great stuff to check out!