5.0 out of 5.0 stars

I’m proud to be from the state that created the Jucy Lucy, but if I had to pick another style of burger from a different state that I’d be proud of as well, it would be the Oklahoma-style Fried Onion Burger.

Last Fall, I had a chance to visit El Reno, Oklahoma and have an Oklahoma-style Fried Onion Burger at Robert’s Grill, one of the original establishments that served these specialty burgers in the 1920’s, that people around the Twin Cities are going to start loving.

The Original is a double pattied beauty that pays homage to the Oklahoma-style Fried Onion Burger very well.  These patties are formed as balls, then a bunch of raw, shaved onions are plopped on top of the beef balls and those are smashed to make thin patties.  After these get a super nice char on them, they are flipped onto the onion side, where the onions will cook quickly since they are so thin.

American cheese slices are slapped on top and melted beautifully.  The bun is soft, lightly toasted, and awesome.  The patties fit the bun perfectly.  Slathered on the bottom bun is some of their tasty mustard mayo.  It’s very balanced and the mustard flavor, by no means, overwhelms anything.  Pickle slices line the bottom bun as well.  This burger is juicy, flavorful and extremely satisfying.  It’s absolutely fantastic!  It belongs in your Top 10!

Like so many other burgers I’ve had, @stephaniemarch’s story in @mspmag got my attention and later, @phatphood & @shawnsrodgers, Top 10 declaration, raised my expectations exponentially!

One thing to note:  This onion burger has a lot of onions.  I love fried onions, but make sure you know this.

I also got the single patty version of this burger for $5.  It’s very good as well, but I would get The Original for a much better meat to bun ratio.  Order online off the LynLake Brewery website.  They have a pickup window.