5.0 out of 5.0 stars

How long can I go without having a delicious Oklahoma-style Fried Onion Burger?  Not very long!  I’m either making them or looking to have one made for me.

There are a couple of places you can get this style of burger, but only one place has it on their active menu.  That’s The Burger Joint.  Trust me, after you take a few bites of this fantastic burger, you’ll know exactly what Oklahoma has been proud of since the 1920’s.

Take a ball of beef, cover that with a handful of very thin sliced onions, then Smash it on the grill.  Get a great sear on the patty, flip it and throw on some American cheese.  Let that melt while those thin sliced onions are cooking into the beef.  That’s an Oklahoma-style Fried Onion Burger!

The Original comes as a double patty, but this time I upped the anti and made it a triple.  The patties are seasoned nicely, the cheese has the perfect melt, the onions are delicious.  There are a lot of onions, but it wasn’t over the top.  Their thin sliced pickles are fantastic, and they swipe a little of their tasty mustard mayo on the bottom bun.  Nothing overpowering at all.  The bun has a perfect toast.  It had a crisp edge around the outside.  The Original in its two patty form is the way to go, but I had no issues with too much beef on the triple at all.  I will do it again!

This burger is fantastic!  I crave another one!

Order off the LynLake Brewery website and pick up at their front window or inside.