5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Josh Thoma & Nick O’Leary are working their way around the Twin Cities.  The phrase, “coming to a neighborhood near you”, might not be that far away.

Burger Dive started out in the kitchen at Tony Jaros in Minneapolis, then another location was added in the Pot Luck Food Hall in Roseville, and now they’ve just opened up in a building all their own.

The scenery has certainly changed, but the food remains the same.  I’m in the final stages of my revisits to determine the Top 25 Burgers in the Twin Cities.  I’m very close.  The House Burger has not taken a Dive down my list, it’s taken a Drive up my list.

The theme of my new list will be “what have you done for me lately”. What has the House Burger done for me lately?  It’s put a BIG smile in my face, that’s what!  It’s a fantastic burger!

Two thin, in-house ground, beef patties, smashed, given a great char and super juicy.  The white American cheese is beautifully melted.  A perfect choice for this burger.  I absolutely loved their fried minced onions.  They are diced small and sit between the patties in all that melted cheese.  It’s beef, cheese and onions, all best friends.  Add a few delicious, thin sliced pickles on top with a perfectly toasted, soft bun.  Change what you think about a dive bar.  This burger is awesome!

Welcome to the neighborhood, Burger Dive.  The community is in good “burger holding” hands!