5.0 out of 5.0 stars

This burger is listed at the bottom of the menu and might be missed after locking eyes on their impressive steak selection.  As a burger lover, do yourself a favor and start from the bottom up!

The fun part of this never ending burger journey is when you come across a burger like this.  The enjoyment from the first bite to the last is undescribable, but I’ll try.

The beef is flawless!  Its blend has the much desirable, Wagyu beef in it.  I have been very lucky lately in that I’ve had a lot of juicy burgers.  This one might be the juiciest and most enjoyable beef I’ve ever had on a burger!  It was cooked perfectly!  I could have just taken it off the bun and ate it like a steak.

The other thing that will grab your attention is their spiced paprika aioli.  My tastebuds were doing cartwheels.  It’s terrific!  Their cheese is aged cheddar and it was good.  I can’t tell you everything that goes into their housemade coleslaw, but it was good, especially smothered in that aioli.  I don’t typically put coleslaw on my burgers, but don’t let it deter you from trying this burger.

The bun is different from the very common brioche bun.  It’s a buttered Kaiser roll and it works.

I’m in my year end crunch to find any Top 10 burgers I haven’t had yet.  This is a Top 10 burger!  If you can’t tell, I really love this burger!

If you know of any great burgers not listed on my Top Burgers list, let me know.  I’ve still got three weeks to decide.

French fries – No fries.

Potato Pave – Buttery and delicious!