5.0 out of 5.0 stars

We are in South Minneapolis for this weeks Twin Cities Burger Night, #TCBN.  @phatphood @shawnsrodgers & myself are visiting an old favorite place that has become a new favorite place.

Chef/Owner Doug Flicker has given this neighborhood a laid back, family friendly, unpretentious dive bar/restaurant.  The food?  It’s bar food, but elevated bar food.  The burger?  It’s at stratospheric elevation!  I’ve talked about what makes a 5 star burger.  It has something that grabs you from the first bite and doesn’t let go.  On this one it’s their house made American cheese, which you are definitely going to want to add.  It is the perfect melting cheese for a burger.  It’s dripping all over the place.  It’s becoming a single entity with the smashed beef patties.  Cheese doesn’t get any better than this on a burger.

The 1/4 pound beef patties from Peterson Craft Meats are impressive.  Juicy, seasoned well, flavorful and the char is perfect.  You want sauce?  They give you their delicious special sauce.  I got a side for my fries.  Shredded lettuce sits in the special sauce, soaking up its flavor.  You want pickles?  Oh, they give you pickles on the burger and pickles on the side.  I always say, “if you are going to give me some pickles, then give me some damn pickles”!

The bun from Grandmas Bakery is toasted nicely and very good.  As you can see in the picture, this is a Big Macish style burger, so there is a middle bun as well as a top and bottom bun.  No issue with the bun to beef ratio as you do have two 1/4 pound beef patties.  This is a large burger, so bring your appetite or a friend.  For me, this 5 star burger is all mine!  It might get a little messy, but it’s a wonderful messy!

I must mention the delicious, thin, crispy and salty fries.  They are perfect!  I can’t tell you how many times I get fries with NO salt on them.  This was a salty treat.

I love the paneled walls, the jukebox, the bubble hockey game, the Heggies Pizza and I love the Double Bull’s Horn Burger with that incredible cheese!

It was good to see Chef Mike. Thanks for having us in.  Thanks to our server, Gator, rock on!  Check out Shawn and Phat’s posts for much, much more.

I’ll be back for a bucket of chicken, maybe some Heggies El Jefe or Sloppy Joe pizzas created especially for Bull’s Horn.