4.0 out of 5.0 stars

If there is a restaurant with an Oklahoma Style Fried Onion Burger on its menu or offering it for a short amount of time, you can bet I’ll do my best to get there.  I think it’s pretty safe to say, if you build it, they (me) will come!

Brickhouse Food & Drink has been offering their Oklahoma Burger as a February Special every Wednesday.  It will be offered one more week, on March 3rd.  If the response has been good during this special, I hope they’ll put it on their main menu.

The patties have a great smash and char to them.  The onions have a nice mix of char and not so much char.  Nicely melted American cheese on each patty.  Thin sliced pickles on the side that you’ll want to add.  The bun is soft and lightly toasted.  I liked the burger and also liked Brickhouse exposing more patrons to Oklahoma’s simple, but delicious creation.  This burger seemed a little bit smaller to me, so don’t think of sharing.  My personal preference would be a little larger patties and more fried onions.

I enjoyed half the burger as is and then added the super tasty secret sauce and the pickles.  Money!

Try to get there next Wednesday, but if not, their Brickhouse Burger is a similar option.  Thanks for joining me, @burgeraweek & @landofskybeerwaters.

Pig Pen (Thick Cut Bacon) – Delicious!

Brickhouse Wings – Very good!

Hand Cut Fries – Good!