4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Travel Post:

Voted Best Burger in Iowa and Best Sports Bar & Grill, Brick City Grill located next to the Iowa State University campus, was a must stop for me.

You like bacon?  I knew it!  This is your burger.  A 60% to 40% blend of Angus beef and smoked bacon is seared nicely on the flattop to seal in the juices.  They say it has to be cooked medium well, so naturally I was a little concerned, but never fear, this patty was very juicy and had a great flavor to it.  I guess that bacon did its job basting the beef as it cooked.

You want more bacon, I got it.  A couple strips are placed on top of the patty.  Two slices of American cheese top that.  Lettuce, tomato, a slice of red onion and a few pickles give us our veggie fix.  I want to highlight their housemade bacon mayo.  It is slathered on the top bun and is delicious!  The brioche bun is soft, toasted and good.

Your bacon need will be satisfied, but only for a while as you’ll want to get back here as soon as possible for another fix!  This is a really good burger!  Any road trips down 35W should include a stop at Brick City Grill!

Fries – Good.