4.0 out of 5.0 stars

I’m sure you’ve heard about it.  That place way out in the boonies that has really good burgers, but you never knew if it really existed.  Well, I found the place, and ironically it’s called “Boonies”!

Have you ever heard of Millersburg?  Have you ever heard of Boonies?  Didn’t think so.  I’ve driven so close to this place hundreds of times, but didn’t know it.  Hop on Interstate 35 South for about 30 minutes.  It’s a mile west of I35 right before Faribault.

It was voted 2014 Best Burger in Southern Minnesota by Southern Minn Scene Magazine, which covers all things in the lower half of Minnesota.  I’ve got a new magazine to check out.

Boonies has 10 different burgers on their menu, but the Millersburger is their “Famous Burger”.  A 1/3 pound patty, cooked perfectly medium for me, pretty juicy, and seasoned pretty well.  American cheese is the correct choice in my book.  That is topped with a slice of leaf lettuce, a couple of tomatoes and a full slice of raw onion.  They’ve got some very good special sauce that they swipe on the top bun.  Get a side of it for your fries too.  The bun is really good.  It’s lightly toasted and enhances the whole burger experience.  If you are really hungry, get the Boonie Burger, which gets you a second 1/3 pound patty or the Boonie Boonie Burger, which adds a third 1/3 pound patty.  I’ll work my way up to the “BBB”.

I liked this burger!  The next time you are heading south, out of the Twin Cities, take exit #66 and make a burger stop at Boonies in Millersburg.

French Fries – Very good!  Get a side of special sauce for dipping.