5.0 out of 5.0 stars

One of my favorite places I was fortunate enough to experience last year was @boominbbq. Two guys @chefdylanb & @chef.garris, who love to cook for people and have a passion for what they do. That usually results in great things for us.

I found myself craving their amazing cheeseburger quite a few times last year. The #TCBurgerNight crew of @shawnsrodgers, @phatphood & myself, all visited Boomin’ on our own, but we love their food so much, we wanted to visit together. The barbecue season in Minnesota has begun if you weren’t sure. Bring a winter coat just in case.🥶

The biggest news from Boomin’ this year is the addition of a smoker they call Mary Jane. She is a beauty and will allow them to satisfy many more barbecue lovers like myself. Let’s get to their Top 10 cheeseburger. There are a couple of changes that were made, but let me tell you, it’s all good. Actually great!

The beef is house ground and supplied by @nimanranch & Wagyu from @fellersranch. It’s juicy and gets a nice char from their flattop. The seasoning is magical. It’s a pepper infused seasoning blend similar to what is used on their other smoked meats. It is the best seasoned burger you will find, and has that special peppery component that you will love.

They are making their own cheese now. It’s a sharp white American cheddar. It’s unique and delicious and will infuse itself into the beef. The bun is new and amazing. It’s a cold proof brioche bun from Fhima. They toast it perfectly with tallow, it’s soft, but firm, and fantastic. You’ll get quite a few tasty, thick sliced garlic-dill pickles, which I love. A delicious aioli is swiped on the bun as well. You can opt to add caramelized onions. Do it.

Buckle up! Things are blastin’ off at Boomin’!

They will be at the Ombibulous parking lot Thursdays thru Saturdays, Noon to 8:00pm or sold out.