5.0 out of 5.0 stars

My apologies for not posting a local burger for a couple of weeks.  Can I make it up to you?  How about a 5 Star Burger?

Two guys with a passion for BBQ, doing whatever they can to get their amazing bbq to us.  @chefdylanb & @chef.garris are making their dream come true and are two people you will want to support.  Let me get right to this wonderfully crafted burger.

The beef is exclusively made for @boominbbq by @petersoncraftmeats.  It’s their 65 day dry-aged blend beef patty.  It’s juicy and flavorful.  Please listen closely.  This is the best seasoned beef patty I’ve had.  This is seasoned nirvana.  It will knock you out.  The seasoning is what they use on the majority of their BBQ.  It’s a 2×1 – 16 mesh black pepper/kosher salt,  to be a little specific. They make a ball of beef in a 1/4 pound size.  They roll that ball through the seasoning mix.  The onions, which are shaved thin, are placed on top and then the ball is smashed on the grill.  Yes, this is a smashburger, not a smoked burger.  The patty gets a fantastic sear, especially from all of that seasoning.  There are a good helping of onions.  I loved the onions.

White American cheese is melted beautifully.  Tasty house made garlic pickles are plentiful, and a swipe of their pickled lime zest aioli has great flavor.  The bun is just a very good bun.  It’s even better when it’s toasted in beef tallow.

I could throw out that it’s a Top 10 burger, but then I have to put pen to paper.  There are only 10 spots.  It WILL be in my Top 10!

Notice:  You will only see The Single on the menu.  They took The Double off the menu because their grill space is very limited.  As of right now, you can request The Double, and they will try and make it for you if they are not being slammed.  Once they are able to increase grill size, I’m guessing Doubles will be flying out of the trailer.  I prefer a 1/4 pound patty doubled, but The Single should still be within the necessary beef to bun ratio.  Tell me what you think.

They will be at the Ombibulous parking lot Thursday thru Saturdays, Noon to 8:00pm or sold out.