5.0 out of 5.0 stars

It’s time to talk Lucy’s. Better known as Jucy Lucy’s or Juicy Lucy’s. You know the heavyweights, but few know, what just might be, the Best “Lucy” in the Twin Cities!

If you were fortunate enough to grab one of these, wonders of the burger world, last season, you’ll be ecstatic to hear they made their return last week at @boominbbq.

This is not your Cedar Avenue Lucy. This is gourmet and this is a unique treat to be savored and appreciated. With the price of brisket through the roof, @chefdylanb & @chef.garris thought about changing the grind, but ultimately decided against it.

They perfected their house made cheese and despite the high price of brisket, the same beef grind is back. This Lucy is even better.

The patty is a half pound ground prime brisket from @nimanranch. The cheese is their fantastic house made sharp white American cheddar. It holds its thickness very well. The patties are smoked for 2 hours, then seared on the flattop when requested. I love to talk about seasoning. It’s the same salt and pepper seasoning blend they use on their brisket and their other beef cuts. The peppery explosion is so good. What stood out to me besides the wonderful seasoning, was the amount of cheese that kept pouring out of the inside of the patty and the fact that the smoke ring, kissed beef was pink inside and it melted in my mouth. What else? They give you even more cheese on top of the patty. If you choose to add onions, their diced caramelized onions deliver. Sliced garlic dill pickles line the bottom bun along with their delicious aioli. The bun is perfect. A nicely, tallow toasted, cold proof brioche bun from Fhima’s @motherdoughmpls.

This is an amazing Lucy! These are in limited supply, so get there early. They are good at posting their schedule and menu each week. The plan this week is to offer them Thursday & Friday.

The boys have added @chef_pmellz to the mix this year, and according to Chef Dylan, he has been a massive addition to the team, especially to the Smoked & Seared Lucy process.