5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Three weeks ago, I stopped at Boomin Barbecue and enjoyed what is my favorite new burger of the year.  During my visit, @chefdylanb & @chef.garris talked about their Juicy Lucy that they serve on Fridays.  I knew a revisit would come soon.

I’m going to refer to a Juicy Lucy as a Lucy in this post.  We all have our favorite Lucy’s in the Twin Cities and know what we like, but after enjoying this work of art and understanding what goes into it, I think you’ll agree that this is unlike any Lucy you’ve ever had.

Chef Dylan admits they are a pain to prep, but I’m thankful he knows how good it is and wants us to enjoy it.  They are currently only offered on Friday’s menu, but demand has made them available the last couple of Saturdays.  I would say as long as they offer it, we will come!

It’s a half pound of ground prime brisket from @nimanranch.  It’s stuffed with their white American cheese, and like their single and double burgers, they are impeccably seasoned.  They get smoked approximately 2 hours.  When you order one, it gets thrown on the flattop grill and seared beautifully.

They throw a slice of that white American cheese on top of the patty as well and ask if you’d like onions either raw or caramelized.  Caramelized, it is.  They top those with their tasty house made garlic pickles and then some of their pickled lime zest aioli get swiped on.  The @dennysbakery bun is toasted with beef tallow and is great.

As you can imagine, you’ll notice a little smokey taste in the beef.  You’ll even see a little smoke ring just like what you see with ribs and brisket.  The cheese is melted perfectly inside and out.  It’s an absolutely fantastic gourmet Lucy!  I really want to know what you think about their Lucy and anything else you try on their menu.  You just might become as hooked as I am.