4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Don’t underestimate the power of social media to inspire us. I was just cruising through my Instagram feed and Bam, I was face to face with an awesome looking burger. Who was going to blink first? I did! Two hours later, I’m face to face with the real thing. This time I didn’t blink, I totally dominated that burger!

About a year and a half ago, I had their Shallot Tarragon Burger, which is one of the best burgers I’ve ever had without cheese. Since my last visit, they’ve added a burger WITH cheese that I think you need to check out.

Around a third pound, the beef from Organic Prairie, was juicy, cooked to my medium temp and seasoned pretty well. The beef has a soft, kind of melt in your mouth feel to it. I was happy with the flavor. White cheddar cheese engulfs the patty. It’s melted well. It’s pretty thick on top of the patty, and it’s a good thing. It has some texture to it. They present the bacon a little differently, and I love it. Instead of your standard two strips of bacon, they cut little strips off those long strips. This way these little strips cover the whole burger. I hope more places start doing this.

What they call Chili Mayo is generously swiped on the top and bottom buns. This mayo is fantastic! There is also some shredded lettuce below the patty and a couple of delicious sliced pickles on the side. I’m very familiar with their Denny’s 5th Ave. Bakery Bun and I love it. It’s soft, but firm, toasted nicely and just a great bun. The bun was a little bit bigger than the patty. Nothing serious. Also, the lettuce got a little soggy, but there was a lot of juice from the beef and from the chili mayo.

This is a fantastic burger from @bookclubrestaurant .

Thanks to my server, Mike, for taking care of me!

Hand-Cut French Fries – Fantastic! The Tarragon Dijon aioli is delicious!